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Anyone can donate with the EasyGiving app! You don’t need to be a WooHoo customer.

You can claim the donation tax credit if you’ve earned taxable income in New Zealand - see “Am I eligible to make a claim?” for more detail.

At the end of each tax year, we’ll give you the option to either:

  • Claim your donation tax credit the easy way via WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds; or
  • Receive your receipts via email in pdf format, and claim using another more difficult service.


The minimum is $1 and there's no maximum.

To be eligible for a donation tax credit, your donation must be $5 or more.

Currently our system only allows for one-off donations, but regular donations are in the plan for a future update!

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Our partner charities pay a small 5% fee (plus GST) on donations, and an additional 2% credit card transaction fee. We do not charge charities any membership fees or upfront costs to be listed on EasyGiving.

In return for our fee we are:

  • Helping our charity partners reach more supporters
  • Improving the EasyGiving app and technology
  • Producing donation tax receipts on charities’ behalf and storing them securely
  • Paying credit card processing fees
  • Providing free marketing and design support to charities
  • Encouraging the culture of giving in New Zealand, by letting people know about the app and the donation tax credit
  • Keeping your personal details safe

Charities can choose to either:

  • Receive net donations (donations without fees) and pay fees monthly; or
  • Receive gross donations (donations less fees)

Example donation of $20:

Your donation


Our 5% fee plus 2% credit card fee




Total fees


Total donation to charity


Tax Credits

Donations tax credits are a discount on your tax.

If you're a New Zealand taxpayer, you can claim up to a third of your donation back at the end of the tax year. This money comes from the IRD, not the charity you've donated to. Essentially, the government is giving you an incentive to donate to charity by reducing the amount of tax you pay. Giving you more to give again.

If you’re claiming for donations, you can claim the lesser of:

  • 33.3333% of the total donations you’ve made, or
  • 33.3333% of your taxable income

You can claim a donations tax credit if you:

  • earned taxable income (e.g salary or wages) during the year you're claiming for, and
  • were resident in New Zealand at any time during that tax year, and
  • are an individual (not a company, trust or partnership).

If you're claiming for donations made outside of EasyGiving, you must also have valid receipts for donations made to approved donee organisations.


To find out more about being an EasyGiving partner, please get in touch with our Customer Care Specialist, Ainsleigh Karauria-Henry. You can find her contact details below.

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